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How is the price of 3D printed prototypes calculated?

Starting price

The starting price is also called the startup fee. The starting price of the 3D printing prototype is the same as the starting price of other products. Because printing involves some fixed costs (machine loss, electricity, labor, etc.), the fixed costs are already paid as soon as the printer is turned on, so there is a Starting price.

When your model is lower than the starting price, the printing fee will be charged according to the starting price, but when you have multiple models, you can use the combined starting price function, multiple models of the same material are uploaded in stages, only added to the shopping cart The one-time starting price, that is, the startup fee, consolidated settlement, saves the startup fee. For details, please refer to "e-key print combined starting price description".

Print yourself

Many people have bought entry-level desktop-grade 3D printing devices and printed them at home. This cost can be calculated by yourself, the cost of the machine and the cost of materials. The material of desktop PLA is not expensive. As long as it costs tens of dollars, a lot of models can be printed. Industrial 3D printers are more expensive. A machine costs several tens of millions. Of course, you will not buy several models yourself.

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