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What are the advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing prototypes and CNC prototypes ?

CNC: High precision, low cost compared to large-sized products. The processing cycle is short, and complex and hollow parts cannot be processed. 3D printing: some small parts are produced in batches with high speed and low cost, and can print complex and irregular parts. The processing accuracy will not be very high, and it will not reach the difference and advantages of CNC and lathe precision 3D printer and CNC prototype processing prototype model.

3D printing

1. Material comparison

3D printing prototype: extremely high material utilization rate, no waste, and material requirements;

CNC prototype: The material utilization rate is not high and wasteful, but there are many kinds of materials that can be processed;

2. Processing comparison

3D printing prototype: it can process a variety of complex curved surfaces and special-shaped structures, and can be processed at one time;

CNC prototype: complex parts need to be processed many times, and the workload of splitting and programming is large, and the later manual is also more complicated;

3. Cost comparison

3D printing prototype:

(1) Built-in driver software, fast production, no professional training required;

(2) Multiple parts can be processed at one time without manual duty;

(3) The accuracy is not very high, and there is no processing error;

CNC prototype:

(1) Professional programmers are required to operate the machine;

(2) Only one part can be processed at a time, and the labor cost is high;

(3) There may be operating errors or poor clamping.

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