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The future development trend of 3D printing technology in architectural design

The future development trend of 3D printing technology in architectural design

In recent years, 3D printing technology has developed very rapidly, and it has been widely used in many fields of social life. In the field of construction, 3D printing technology is more convenient, simple and fast to operate, and can be applied simple and real. The material is used to quickly build and shape the entity. For the finished product, it can intuitively reflect the structure, size and other related characteristics of the building. The 3D printed architectural model has good prospects for future development.

1. In terms of architectural design

 3D printing technology can design three-dimensional models, combine traditional drawings with geographic information, building scans and other electronic data, and display them in physical form. Real three-dimensional scenes can be displayed through real modeling. The preliminary design model can be made into a proportional three-dimensional model through the steps of segmentation, monomerization and scaling, and then the model can be printed out 1:1 using 3D printing technology.

3D printing can flexibly process the model, edit and modify it directly on the file, and then realize the adjustment. At the same time, it can also facilitate multi-color printing, and even add different elements such as transparency and metal to the model.

2. In terms of functional technology

In the future development, the development of 3D printing technology is more diversified and diversified, that is, the application of technology is not only applied in a certain industry, but also applied to various industries. 3D printing equipment will also be designed and constructed independently. The process provides more design space for architectural design. The 3D printing equipment will also be more intelligent, greatly improving the production level and efficiency, and can be applied in different complex construction environments.

In summary, 3D printing technology is constantly being practiced and developed in construction projects, and the technology is becoming more and more advanced and mature. It can not only make the construction and design continue to develop in the direction of intelligence, but also greatly improve the construction. Efficiency and quality can reduce the use of some bad building materials, promote building construction to save more materials and protect the environment, and can greatly reduce the difficulty of construction and ensure the safety of personnel.

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