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How 3D printing factories use 3D printing ?

In production, tooling fixtures are indispensable tools. 3D printing provides a new solution in the production of tooling fixtures.

In view of the characteristics of multiple types of tooling fixtures and complex shapes, the advantages of 3D printing applications are:

1.3D printing modeless production to meet customization, lower cost, higher efficiency, and more convenient replacement and iteration;

2. The material is environmentally friendly and lightweight, and the workers can operate more conveniently and improve the operation efficiency;

3. For some special-shaped tooling, traditional processing is difficult, and 3D printing is easier to implement.

1. Fixture

Fixtures are also called fixtures. Broadly speaking, in any process in the process, a device used to quickly, conveniently and safely install the workpiece. For the auxiliary installation fixtures with no hardness and wear resistance, 3D printing can be used instead. It is convenient for workers to align the screw holes in the production process of the assembly line, reducing the difficulty of installation and getting started quickly, while ensuring accurate installation, which is conducive to improving production efficiency. As shown below, the 3D printing assembly fixture for installing machine parts is used for inconvenient locations or large parts, which is inconvenient for direct manual operation. The use of a card assist device can accurately install and improve efficiency. Compared with traditional fixture materials, 3D printing materials are lighter and more environmentally friendly, which is easier for workers to use and easy to store.

2. the inspection tool

Inspection tools: instruments used for inspection during production.

As shown in the inspection tooling below, the device box is printed by 3D printing, and the fixed test components are stored, which is convenient for operation. The interior is divided into two layers, and different test components are placed. It is convenient to replace components during the detection process and provide detection efficiency.

Part of the tooling used for positioning can also be replaced with 3D printed parts. As shown in the following figure, when performing high-pressure testing on the machine, make sure that the position of the equipment is unified, and the card positioning device for fixing the machine is printed by Guider2.

Compared with traditional fixtures and fixtures, 3D printing fixtures and moldless printing, personalized customization is faster, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly materials, choose to use 3D printing instead, instant modeling and instant printing molding, easy to get the application requirements.

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