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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy rapid prototyping ?

Plastic rapid prototyping has many advantages, but its disadvantages cannot be ignored. Many families now choose aluminum alloy rapid prototyping instead of plastic rapid prototyping. Aluminum alloy rapid prototype is of good quality and will be used for a long time. Let's take a look at aluminum alloy rapid prototype together.

Aluminum rapid prototype quality

The quality of this quick prototype of aluminum alloy is very good, it is not easy to be damaged. This rapid prototype is not like the plastic rapid prototype that will decay in a few years of use and needs to be replaced more often. And this aluminum alloy material will not be corroded, and it will allow you to use it at home for a long time. The rapid prototype of this material is also of better quality than the rapid prototype of iron. Iron is more prone to rust, but this type of rapid prototype is not.

Rapid Prototyping of Aluminum Alloys

This rapid prototype of aluminum alloy is very environmentally friendly, and this rapid prototype will not produce substances harmful to the human body. Also, when you no longer use this rapid prototype of aluminum alloy, it can be recycled for reuse, and its utilization rate is very high. Its production will not cause pollution to the environment or cause damage to the environment.

Advantages of aluminum alloy rapid prototyping

Aluminum alloy rapid prototyping has many advantages, it is a very good rapid prototype. This rapid prototype has a very good function of preventing fire and moisture. In the case of a fire in the home, this rapid prototype will not easily burn, and it is incompatible with the rapid prototype of other materials. In addition, this type of rapid prototype is not easy to get wet, and the humid weather has no effect on this rapid prototype.

Disadvantages of aluminum alloy rapid prototyping

Of course, although this aluminum alloy rapid prototype is very good, it still has a disadvantage. The appearance of this rapid prototype is relatively cold and hard, and the line is very strong. We will visually feel that this rapid prototype is cold. Some people who don't like this kind of rapid prototype will feel that this is one of the biggest shortcomings of this rapid prototype.

Aluminum alloy rapid prototype price

Aluminum alloy rapid prototyping is relatively affordable, which is one of the factors that most people will choose this rapid prototype. The price of this rapid prototype is several hundred yuan, and the price is very cheap compared to other rapid prototypes. It's like a foldable table, about 100 yuan.

Therefore, we have learned that the aluminum alloy rapid prototypes are basically very good. For this shortcoming of the visual aspect, if you like this rapid prototype, you can still overcome it. In addition, choosing this rapid prototype will allow us to use it longer, and the cost performance is very high. This is a rapid prototype model that is worth buying, and it is an increasingly popular model.

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