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Advantages of 3D printing rapid prototyping technology

What is 3D printing rapid prototyping technology

What is 3d printing technology? To be precise, 3d printing is a kind of printing material with adhesives such as metal or plastic, based on digital models

A technique for layer-by-layer printing. It is a means to print the drawn drawings out of the model by connecting the computer with a 3d printer. now

This technology is used in many fields, and people use it to make clothing, building models, cars, chocolate desserts, and more.

Advantages of 3d printing technology

3d printing is very different from the traditional production through the mold. The biggest advantage of 3d printing is that it can be done without machining or any mold.

Generate parts of any shape directly from computer graphics data, greatly shortening product development cycles, increasing productivity and reducing production

cost. At the same time, 3d printing can also print some shapes that cannot be produced by traditional production technology. At the same time, 3d printing technology can also simplify the whole process.

This production process is fast and effective.

3d printing technology process principle

The printing process of each layer is divided into two steps. First, spray a layer of special glue on the area that needs to be shaped. The glue droplet itself is small and not easy.

diffusion. Then spray a layer of uniform powder, the powder will quickly solidify and stick when it encounters glue, but the area without glue will remain loose.

In this way, under the alternation of a layer of glue and a layer of powder, the solid model will be "printed" into shape. After printing, as long as the loose powder is swept away, the "sharpening"

Out of the model, and the remaining powder can be recycled.

Printing consumables are changed from traditional inks and paper to glues and powders. Of course, glues and powders are processed special materials.

There is a requirement for chemical reaction speed, which has a direct impact on model strength and "print" resolution. 3D printing technology can achieve 600dpi resolution, each

The layer thickness is only 0.01 millimeters, which can print clearly even if there is text or pictures on the surface of the model. Limited by the principle of inkjet printing, printing speed is bound to

Not very fast, more advanced products can achieve vertical speeds of 25 mm per hour, a 10-fold improvement over earlier products, and can be used

Colored glue enables color printing with color depth up to 24 bits.

Due to the high printing accuracy, the quality of the printed model is naturally good. In addition to the design, structure and moving parts that can show the shape curve

It doesn't matter. If used to print mechanical assembly drawings, gears, bearings, tie rods, etc. can all move normally, and cavity, grooves, and other morphological features

It can be installed accurately, and can even meet the requirements of assembly. The printed entity can be further processed by grinding, drilling, and plating. Simultaneous powder

Materials are not limited to sand materials, but also other materials such as elastic expansion, high-performance composite, investment casting and other options.


3D printing has brought about a worldwide manufacturing revolution. In the past, the design of components depended entirely on the production process, and the emergence of 3D printers,

Will overturn this production idea, which makes the company no longer consider the production process when producing parts, any complex shape design can be

Realized by 3D printer.

3D printing can produce objects of any shape directly from computer graphics data without machining or mold, which greatly shortens

Product production cycles increase productivity. Although still to be perfected, the 3D printing technology market has huge potential and is bound to become the future of the manufacturing industry.

One of many breakthrough technologies.

   3D printing has made it possible for people to buy such printers in some electronics stores, and factories are selling them directly. Scientists say,

The scope of use of three-dimensional printers is still very limited, but one day in the future, people will definitely be able to print more practical items through 3D printers.

3D printing technology is essential for NASA's space exploration missions. More than 30% of the existing spare parts of the International Space Station are available.

Manufactured by this 3D printer. The device will use polymers and other materials to make items layer by layer using extrusion incremental manufacturing technology. 3D printing

The experiment is one of the key research projects of NASA in the future. 3D printed parts and tools will enhance the reliability and safety of space missions.

Because it does not have to be transported from Earth, space mission costs can be reduced.

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