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Factors that affect the machining accuracy of precision parts

It is well known that the precision parts processing, known as precision machining, because of its machining process and process requirement is very high, the product accuracy requirement is very high, the machining accuracy and precision parts in contains the location accuracy and the precision of size, shape accuracy, AIXI Hardware company ten years of experience in production and processing for we summarized the following factors, which affect the precision parts processing precision:

(1) the spindle gyration of the machine tool can produce certain errors to the machining accuracy of parts.

(2) inaccurate precision of machine guide can also lead to precision parts machining workpiece shape error.

(3) transmission parts can also lead to workpiece processing error, which is also the most important factor of workpiece surface error.

(4) different types of tools and fixtures will also have different degrees of influence on the accuracy of the workpiece.

(5) in the process of machining, due to the change in the position of the stress point, the system will produce deformation, resulting in differences, but also can make the workpiece precision error of different degrees.

(6) the cutting force of the size of different, will also lead to the workpiece precision affected.

(7) errors caused by thermal deformation of the process system. In the process of machining, the process system will produce certain thermal deformation under the action of various heat sources.

(8) deformation of the process system caused by heat often affects the accuracy of the workpiece.

(9) deformation of the machine tool caused by heat will lead to deformation of the workpiece.

(10) hot deformation of the tool will have a great impact on the workpiece.

(11) the workpiece itself is deformed by heat, mainly during the cutting process.

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