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Features of precision CNC machining Aixi

Precision CNC machined parts are a popular processing method nowadays. Depending on the high precision, the machining accuracy of the parts can be improved during processing, and the surface processing quality can also be improved. After processing, many parts have improved quality and various aspects .

Complex shapes and surfaces Some products, such as automobile covers, aircraft parts, toys, and home appliances, have a shape surface composed of multiple curved surfaces. Therefore, the mold cavity surface is very complicated. Some surfaces are processed using mathematical calculations.

Precision CNC machining requires high precision. A pair of molds is generally composed of a concave mold, a convex mold and a mold base, and some may be multi-piece modular modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower molds, the combination of inserts and cavities, and the assembly of modules require high machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision molds often reaches μm level.


The use of repetitive production molds has a life span. When the use of a pair of molds exceeds its life, it is necessary to replace the new molds, so the production of molds is often repetitive.

The production of small batch molds is not large batch production, and in many cases, only one payment is produced.


Precision CNC machining process In the multi-mold process, various processes such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping are always used.


In the production of profiling molds, there are sometimes neither patterns nor data, and profiling processing should be performed according to the actual objects. This requires high imitation accuracy and no deformation.

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