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Precautions for sheet metal processing Aixi

1. The expansion method should be consistent, and it should be convenient to save data and processability.

2. Reasonably select the gap and hemming method, T = 2.0 and 0.2, T = 2-3 and 0.5, and the hemming method uses long side and short side (door panel) sheet metal processing

3. Reasonably consider the overall dimensions of the tolerance: the negative difference goes to the end, the positive difference goes half; the hole size: the positive difference goes to the end, negative difference goes half.

4. Burr direction sheet metal processing

5. Extraction, riveting, tearing, punching bumps (packages), etc.

6. Check material, plate thickness, and plate thickness tolerance

7. Special angle, the inner radius of the bending angle (normal R = 0.5) is determined by trial folding

8. The center with error-prone (similar to asymmetry) should focus on sheet metal processing

9. The larger size of the center should be enlarged. Sheet metal processing

10. Need to spray maintenance The center must indicate sheet metal processing

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