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Brief introduction of aluminum oxidation technology

There are six types of aluminum oxidation: natural oxidation, electrochemical oxidation, chemical oxidation, alkaline oxidation, acid oxidation, and anodic oxidation. It means the oxidation treatment method of aluminum and aluminum alloy.

Chinese name aluminum oxidation method classification chemical oxidation electrochemical oxidation etc.

The production of aluminum oxidation equipment is inseparable from the process of aluminum oxidation. From the perspective of the formation mechanism, aluminum oxidation is divided into two types: chemical oxidation and anodic oxidation, and gradually emerging micro arc oxidation. Chemical oxidation is a process in which aluminum is in an oxidizing chemical conversion solution, and the surface of aluminum reacts with a chemical oxidant in the chemical conversion solution to form a chemical conversion film. Chemical conversion treatments usually include chemical oxidation treatment, chromate treatment, phosphochromate treatment, and chromium-free chemical conversion treatment.

Anodizing is the process of forming a dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum in a certain electrolyte solution under the action of current. The electrolyte can be sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, and mixed acid. The anodizing is divided into ordinary anodizing and hard anodizing. , Popularly called aluminum oxidation.

Micro-arc oxidation is generally the process of applying a high voltage in an alkaline solution to form a ceramic surface film, which is the result of the synergistic effect of physical spark discharge and electrochemical oxidation reaction.

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