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What is the process of aluminum surface oxidation treatment

After the aluminum material is in contact with air and water, it is prone to rust, damage, etc. It is easy to be oxidized and damaged. In order to protect the aluminum material, it needs to be processed. What is the process of aluminum surface oxidation treatment? When using oxidation treatment, it is necessary to be able to know the specific treatment process. What are the precautions for operation?

First, what is the process of aluminum surface oxidation treatment?

To achieve different treatment effects for aluminum profile products, multiple processing procedures are required to ensure the product quality of aluminum profiles in the process of use. In the current market competition, many businesses are in the production and surface treatment of aluminum profiles in order to reduce the price of aluminum profile products. Many processing steps have been omitted in the process, leading to the decline in the quality of aluminum profile products and various problems during use. The main process of the surface treatment process of aluminum profiles includes: degreasing the aluminum profile products before the first aluminum profile treatment, the purpose is to Remove the protective oil layer on the surface of the aluminum profile to ensure the uniformity of the surface in the post-processing; the second aluminum profile must be acid-etched after degreasing to remove the oxide on the surface of the aluminum profile; the third is to perform alkali after the acid-etched treatment The purpose of the etching process is also to remove the oxides on the surface of the aluminum profile and the indentation left during the extrusion process. Fourth, a gray layer of mixed elements will remain on the surface of the aluminum profile after acid etching and alkali etching. Must be removed with mixed acid to expose the essential color of aluminum profiles; the fifth began to oxidize aluminum profiles, Aluminum surface layer of the pellicle attached, enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum products; aluminum products after completion of the oxidation the surface generates extremely small voids, subjected to a sealing treatment.

What are the precautions?

Rinse with hot water. After oxidation, the aluminum parts need to be washed with hot water to aging the film. However, the water temperature and time must be strictly controlled. If the water temperature is too high, the film layer is thinned and the color becomes pale. Such problems may occur during processing. The appropriate temperature and time are: temperature 40 ~ 50 ℃, time 0.5 ~ 1MIN.

Three, common aluminum surface treatment methods

Matte fabric profile: matte aluminum profile avoids the shortcomings of bright aluminum alloy profiles in the building decoration under certain circumstances and conditions, which will cause light interference. Its surface is as delicate and delicate as brocade, which is very popular in the market, The existing frosted materials must overcome the unevenness of the sand particles on the surface and be able to see the deficiency of the pattern.

Multi-tone surface treatment aluminum profile: At present, the monotonous silvery white and brown colors can no longer satisfy the architects' good cooperation with exterior wall decorative tiles and exterior latex. The new stainless steel, champagne, golden yellow, titanium gold, red series (Wine red, jujube, black, purple), etc. plus stained glass can make the decorative effect icing on the cake. These profiles must be chemically or mechanically polished and then oxidized, and their effects are also very poor. Electrophoretic painted aluminum profiles: The surface of electrophoretic painted profiles is soft and can resist the invasion of acid rain in cement and mortar. 90% of aluminum profiles in Japan are electrophoretic painted.

Powder electrostatic sprayed aluminum profiles: Powder electrostatic sprayed profiles are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and resistance to acid and alkali salt spray.

Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramic aluminum profile: This profile is a processing technology. The quality of this profile product is good, but the cost is high. It has more than 20 shades, and its characteristics are that it can be colored as printed cloth according to needs, the surface of the profile is colorful, and its decorative effect is very bad.

What is the process of aluminum surface oxidation treatment? When aluminum surface oxidation treatment is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant process, what are the operational precautions? General professional knowledge will be special for this type of processing Clearly, it is also clear what to do when the surface of aluminum is oxidized.

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