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The use of aluminum products in various industries

Aluminum has a small density, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and reflective properties, aluminum has good corrosion resistance, aluminum and a variety of aluminum alloys have good ductility, can be used for various plastic processing, aluminum has a low melting point, good casting properties, etc. characteristic. Let us understand the current use of aluminum products in various industries in China:

1. Light industry: the daily use of hardware, household appliances, daily glass and daily chemical aluminum.

2.Electrical industry: Almost all high-voltage transmission lines in China are steel-cored aluminum stranded wires. In addition, transformer coils, induction motor rotors, and busbars are also used for transformer aluminum strips, as well as aluminum power cables, aluminum cloth wires, and aluminum electromagnetic wires.

3. Machinery manufacturing industry: Aluminum alloy is mainly used in machinery manufacturing industry.

4.Electronics industry: Aluminum is widely used in the electronics industry. Civil products and basic components such as radios, amplifiers, televisions and capacitors, potentiometers, speakers, etc., military products such as radar, tactical missile jacketing equipment, etc. are all used in large quantities.

5. Construction industry: Almost half of aluminum profiles are used in the construction industry, making aluminum doors and windows, structural parts, decorative panels, curtain wall aluminum panels, etc. Packaging industry: All-aluminum cans are a popular packaging material in the global packaging industry today, and cigarette packaging is an aluminum foil user. Aluminum foil is also widely used in other candy, medicine, toothpaste, cosmetics and other packaging. Other industries such as automotive, metallurgy, aerospace, and railway also use aluminum in large quantities.

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