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Aluminum profile specifications

Aluminum profiles are aluminum rods that are obtained by hot melting and extrusion to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes.

Aluminum profiles can be divided into:

1. Door and window aluminum profiles for the construction of doors and windows;

2. Special aluminum radiator for CPU radiator;

3. Aluminum alloy shelf aluminum type.

According to alloy composition, it can be divided into:

1. Anodized aluminum;

2. Electrophoretic coating aluminum;

3. Powder coated aluminum;

4. Wood grain transfer aluminum;

5. Planed aluminum.

The author takes industrial aluminum profiles as an example to elaborate on their specifications: In addition to large-sized profiles, the specifications of industrial aluminum profiles are more small and medium-sized profiles, occupying a larger proportion in industrial profiles, with a large variety of specifications and small batches Is its characteristics, and some industries have not yet developed materials, which may have more potential than large-scale materials. Due consideration shall be given to slowing down the construction of large and extra large extrusion production lines. There are more than ten large and extra-large aluminum extrusion material production lines already built and under construction in China, with a production capacity of more than 100kt / a, which greatly exceeds the demand for large-scale extrusion materials in the near future.

In recent years, most of the large and extra large extrusion production lines have been built with the target of rail vehicle profiles, but the demand for rail vehicle profiles is very limited. After the completion of several extrusion production lines, due to the large difference between demand and production capacity, if Failure to increase the development of large-scale material demand in other industries will inevitably lead to fierce competition on the rail vehicle profile production line. Now the large-scale extrusion production line may put the company in a very passive situation. Increase the development of industrial aluminum profiles. The demand for industrial aluminum profiles is limited on the one hand by the overall industrial level and on the other hand by the lack of development efforts.

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