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The composition of the caliper:

Gages are instruments used for measurement and inspection. Length measuring gages are one of its main categories, such as calipers, depth gauges, height gauges, micrometers, dial gauges, dial gauges, gauge blocks, step gauges, angle gauges, and inclination angles. Instrument and so on. And calipers are one of the most important varieties of length measuring gauges.

Its range is: 0 ~ 150mm, 0 ~ 200mm, 0 ~ 300mm, etc. The general resolution (previously also called the division value) is 0.02mm, there are also 0.1mm and 0.05mm, the accuracy is generally ± 0.03 mm, there are also ± 0.04mm and ± 0.05mm. It consists of an inner measuring claw, an outer measuring claw, a fastening screw, a main ruler, a vernier ruler, a depth ruler, etc., and some also have a fine adjustment device.

The vernier caliper has two movable measuring jaws on the main ruler and the vernier, which are the inner measuring jaw and the outer measuring jaw. The inner measuring jaw is usually used to measure the inner diameter, and the outer measuring jaw is usually used to measure the length and outer diameter.

Features of calipers:

1. The main ruler and measuring claw of the lightweight Digimatic caliper are CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic).

2. Durable and easy to operate.

3. The application range can be expanded by options.

4. The internal diameter measurement value can be read directly from the LCD screen (press the offset key to easily set the offset value).

5. The required starting point can be set by the preset function.

6. With SPC data output.

7. Special model with ceramic measuring jaws, suitable for measuring magnetic products; calipers have a simple and basic design; calipers can measure outer diameter, inner diameter, depth and step; the angle of the vernier surface of the caliper is small (14 °), Easy to read; caliper sliders are equipped with locking screws; calipers are available with calipers with carbide tips.

Type of caliper:

There are three types of calipers: vernier calipers, watch calipers and electronic digital calipers.

1. Vernier calipers. Ruler hand-held universal length measurement tool that uses the vernier principle to subdivide readings, mainly used to measure inner diameter, outer diameter, step and depth. When measuring, the integer part of the value is read from the main ruler, and the decimal part is read from the vernier. The vernier principle is to read the decimal part by using the difference between the engraved line distance (line distance for short) on the main ruler and the line distance on the vernier ruler. There are three minimum readings of 0.02mm, 0.05mm and 0.01mm.

2, with a table caliper. A large-scale hand-held length measuring tool that uses the tooth pitch of precision racks and gears as a known length, and an indicator table with corresponding graduations as an enlarged, subdivided, and indicated part. Band calipers can solve the problem of reading errors of vernier calipers. Common minimum readings are 0.01mm and 0.02mm.

3. Electronic digital calipers. A length measuring tool using a measuring system such as a capacitive grid and a magnetic grid to display the measured value digitally. The commonly used resolution is 0.01mm, and the allowable error is ± 0.03mm / 150mm. There is also a high-precision digital caliper with a resolution of 0.005mm, and the allowable error is ± 0.015mm / 150mm. There is also a multi-purpose digital micrometer caliper with a resolution of 0.001mm (this is the national patent of Anyi Measuring Tools, only they can produce), and the tolerance is ± 0.005mm / 50mm. Because the reading is intuitive and clear, the measurement efficiency is high.

In addition, there are various non-standard dedicated calipers, such as hook depth calipers for measuring groove depth, tooth thickness calipers for measuring gear thickness, height calipers for measuring object height, and weld calipers (welding gauge) for measuring welding quality. Wait.

Special-purpose calipers: Claw type, measurement of irregular and unknown dimensions Offset type, measurement of positions in unequal height areas Depth type, depth measurement Thin sheet type, narrow groove diameter measurement

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