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What characteristics should a high-quality sheet metal cabinet have?

The importance of sheet metal cabinets for our production and processing is self-evident; however, the sheet metal cabinet market has a certain amount of fish and dragon mixed phenomenon; when purchasing a sheet metal cabinet, in addition to considering the function, material, The shape, type, price and cabinet frame also need to consider the quality of the sheet metal cabinet. So, what characteristics should a high-quality sheet metal cabinet have? To sum up, high-quality sheet metal cabinets usually have the following characteristics:

Sheet metal cabinet

1. The cabinet material is of high quality. Tap on the steel plate with your fingers, you can feel which are thicker and thinner. Also, the bracket inside the sheet metal cabinet should be thicker, because it can accept heavier pressure, don't underestimate which switches or what, a dozen or so add up, they are very heavy. The materials of Henghui Company's sheet metal cabinets and cabinets are tested by consumers and can be used with confidence.

2. The sheet metal cabinet conforms to the corresponding specifications. There are usually 32U high and 42U high. The height of the server and online goods are also expressed in U. Therefore, before customization or purchase, determine the size of the equipment room and list all the equipment to be installed in the cabinet and their intact measurement data: height, length, width, and weight. The total height of these devices will ultimately determine how much equipment can be installed in the cabinet. Obviously, tall cabinets can fit more equipment and save more space.

3. The cabinet has good security. Putting IT equipment that performs critical missions into a lockable cabinet will make the network administrator feel more relaxed, which also restricts the number of people who can open the cabinet.

4. The cabinet has a reasonable power distribution system. The power distribution system of the cabinet should make the power supply closer to the load to reduce the fault points in the power supply path. Together, the local and long-distance monitoring of the load current and the long-distance control of the power distribution should be gradually realized, so that the power distribution management is included in the intelligent management system of the entire computer room.

5. The temperature control system is stable. There is an outstanding temperature control system inside the cabinet to avoid overheating or overcooling of the products in the cabinet to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. The cabinet can choose the full ventilation series, and can be equipped with electric fans (the electric fan has a longevity), an independent air conditioning system can be installed in a hot environment, and an independent heating and insulation system can be installed in a cold environment.

6. The cabinet has strong anti-interference ability. A full-featured cabinet should provide all kinds of door locks and other functions, such as dustproof, waterproof or electronic shielding and other high anti-interference functions; together with appropriate accessories and device accessories support, to make wiring more convenient and easy to handle together ,save time and energy.

7. The cabinet cooling function is stable. Heat dissipation, it is estimated how much heat is generated by the equipment; usually, the cabinet has two to four fans, and the fans are more beneficial. The side wall fan should be installed on the rear wall of the cabinet, because most of the heat is generated at the rear of the equipment.

8. The cabinet accessories are perfect. Because the device contains network cables, telecommunication cables, and power cables, it is necessary to purchase hook-and-loop straps or toothed straps to effectively fix the cables in the cabinet in an orderly manner. There should be enough fixing rings (to maintain cables) on the upper and side walls inside the cabinet, and the bottom plate of the cabinet can also be lifted up to facilitate wiring below. There are also some screws and nuts used to fix the rack. No troubles caused by insufficient accessories due to future expansion.

The above are some of the characteristics that high-quality sheet metal cabinets should have. Install the above method to purchase a sheet metal cabinet, you can buy a sheet metal cabinet with good quality and 100% customer satisfaction!

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