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Four schemes for effectively improving the cnc processing of aluminum casing

In the 21st century, it is an era of rapid development. The most representative is the development of mobile phones and computers to speed up the dissemination of information. It is precisely because the requirements for the processing of aluminum casing cnc have increased. The aluminum shell cnc processing technology is increasingly valued by manufacturers, and more emphasis is placed on quality control. From raw materials to processing quality, the function of the parts must meet the needs of users.

1. Control from the raw materials of aluminum casing:

When we process aluminum housing cnc, we always pay attention to the selection of raw materials. The characteristics of each material are different. Different aluminum housing cnc processing solutions are used to ensure the quality of the housing.

2. Strict inspection process:

This point, I believe that many cnc processing staff will ignore it, resulting in poor quality of aluminum casing cnc processing. I feel that the strict inspection process is established. The first product after each process must be inspected by the management personnel, and the product inspection records should be recorded. During this period, the inspection should be conducted every few hours.

3. Control the CNC machining surface of the aluminum shell:

Aixi believes that strict standards also need to be formulated for the surface treatment of aluminum housings. The front quality inspection at the table will inspect the surface finish, sharp edges and chamfers of the product, and all dimensions with tolerances also need to be inspected. No scratches or burrs are allowed on the surface of the product. How to repeat the treatment twice to ensure that there are no unnecessary corners on the surface.

4, the principle of handling the aluminum shell cnc processed products lightly:

We effectively package aluminum products and choose cartons or wooden boxes for packaging according to the quality and characteristics of the products to ensure that the aluminum shell cnc processed products are damaged during transportation.

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