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CNC Turning and Milling Machine Tool Features

Shorten the process chain during product manufacturing and improve production efficiency

The CNC turning and milling compound center can install a variety of special tools, new tool arrangements, reduce tool change time, and improve processing efficiency. Turning and milling compound processing can achieve all or most of the machining processes in one clamping, thereby greatly shortening the product manufacturing process. Chain, in the CNC turning and milling compound center processing efficiency, the new CNC turning and milling compound center can load more special processing tools

Reduce clamping times and improve machining accuracy

During turning and milling, the tool performs intermittent cutting, which can obtain shorter cuts for workpieces made of any material, and is easy to automatically remove chips. Intermittent chips can allow the tool to cool enough time, reduce thermal deformation of the workpiece, and Increase tool life. Compared with traditional CNC machine tools, the speed of turning and milling is higher, the quality of the cut products is better, the cutting force is reduced, the precision of thin-walled rods and slender rods is improved, and the quality of workpieces is high.

When turning and milling compound machine tools process workpieces, the low speed of the workpiece can effectively reduce the centrifugal force of the workpiece, avoid the deformation of the workpiece, and help improve the machining accuracy of the part. In the turning and milling process, a large longitudinal feed can also be used to obtain accurate cutting, and the surface roughness can be effectively guaranteed. The turning and milling machine tool can use different methods such as turning, drilling, boring, and milling to process the workpiece. It can also complete multi-face machining tasks with one clamping, ensuring high-precision machining.

Reduce floor space and production costs

Although the single unit price of turning and milling processing equipment is relatively high, due to the shortening of the manufacturing process chain and the reduction of equipment and time required for the product, as well as the reduction of the number of tool holders, equipment maintenance costs and workshop floor space, it can effectively reduce the overall The cost of investment in fixed assets, management and production operations. At present, the cost of equipment for a single CNC turning and milling compound center is relatively high, but the reduction in manufacturing process and required equipment and maintenance costs can well control the production operation and management costs.

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