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How to determine the direction of rotation

How to determine the direction of rotation

Put the worm upright (the axis is perpendicular to the horizontal line of the human eye), look at the left side of the thread curve track is left-handed, and the right-hand height is right-handed;

"Left and right hand rules for worm drive"?

Are you trying to determine the direction of the transmission? There is a simple method: stand the worm upright (the axis is perpendicular to the horizontal line of the human eye). Turn to the right to move the thread curve track line to the right, and the moved line is below the original line. Is the downward direction of transmission; on the contrary, upward transmission. Left and right rotation are the same judgment! How to distinguish left and right rotation of the worm gear?

1. The axial direction of the worm gear and worm is in the vertical position. The left and right spirals are left-handed, and the other hand is right-handed.

2. The definition of the thread direction of the worm is the same as that of the ordinary screw. Turn clockwise to turn right!

3. In fact, you can judge with only two hands. The palm of your hand is facing the direction of the thumb.

4. Take the center line as the standard, clockwise for right-hand rotation. These methods teach you how to distinguish left-handed and right-handed worms.

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