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What is the difference between PC sheet and acrylic sheet?

The difference between PC sheet and acrylic sheet

1. Heat resistance, temperature resistance and weather resistance

Acrylic board is easy to soften when it reaches 70 degrees, while pc board is 120 degrees, so pc board is more resistant to heat and heat, and the working temperature is more widely cited.

2. Flame resistance and fire resistance

PC board is a flame-retardant material, which belongs to Class B flame-retardant (UL94-V2 internationally), one of the self-extinguishing plastics, which is not easy to burn, while acrylic board is not flame-retardant.

3. Impact resistance, smash resistance and strength index

The thickness of transparent pc is the same, and the impact strength of pc is 30-50 times that of acrylic sheet. Starting from 6mm, pc thick sheet is bulletproof material, and ordinary adults with 3mm pc board can't break it with a hammer.

4. Environmental protection

PC is an environmentally friendly plastic, but some of the properties of acrylic sheet are not up to the standard. Therefore, the application of acrylic sheet has been eliminated in some fields of foreign PC plastic sheets, and it will gradually become popular in China. Although my country is a big country of acrylic sheet, it produces high value-added acrylic There are few plates and plates, and they all rely on imports.

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