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Principle of extruded aluminum profile

Aluminum extrusion presses are divided into two types: forward extrusion and reverse extrusion. At present, most of them use forward extrusion. The scientific principle is the principle of hydraulic press. To analyze from the structure of the extruder: we usually divide the extruder into three parts: the main cylinder, the middle plate, and the extrusion rod. The main cylinder is a hydraulic device. The hydraulic oil transmits the pressure to the small piston through the large piston, pushes the squeeze rod, and pushes the heated aluminum rod into the squeeze barrel. After the exhaust pressure is reached, the barrel is exhausted and then exhausted. After the cavities are joined and the output pressure is reached, the extrusion rod advances at the same time to send the aluminum in the extrusion barrel to the mold tap hole, and the aluminum alloy slowly flows out through the mold.

First of all, companies need drawings or samples of customer products to understand the specifications and dimensions of this product, whether there are extrusion difficulties, and how to control them. After confirming the drawings by both parties, the mold manufacturing can be arranged.

Secondly, the hot extrusion die of the industrial aluminum profile extrusion machine is different from general mechanical parts processing, but a technical design between mechanical processing and pressure processing. In addition to referring to the principles to be followed in mechanical processing, Various process factors under hot extrusion conditions need to be considered. After the mold is designed, it needs to be heated. At the same time, the aluminum rod should be heated to the temperature required for extrusion, and then the sample is extruded.

Next, the semi-finished product from the sample needs to be carefully inspected by the technicians on the size surface, etc. If it is not qualified, a detailed mold repair plan should be formulated, and the mold design can be carried out after confirmation.

After the sample is qualified, manual straightening should be performed to ensure that the product has good straightness. After straightening, sawing.

Product aging is very important.The aging time is generally 8-10 hours to ensure that the aluminum extrusion profiles have good hardness. For products that need to be bent, such as aluminum pipes, the hardness is generally below 10 degrees Wechsler and the material is 6063. the best.

After the surface treatment, the finished product is inspected, including dimensional tolerances, whether the surface is scratched, hardness inspection, and so on. After passing the sample, the sample is sent to the customer.

After the customer confirms, the large-scale extrusion production is carried out, all production is completed, sawing, inspection, and qualified products are selected for packaging, and the packaging ensures that the product is not damaged during transportation.

Quality inspectors should prepare relevant documents such as quality guarantee, testing standards, production test forms, drawings, inspection records, etc., if required by the customer, they must issue a raw material spectrum test certificate

The last is to wait for the shipping notice of the customer. In the process of using the product, the customer service must timely and accurately handle and resolve the customer's problems. For the customer's problems and requirements, it must be timely and detailedly organized to ensure that it is avoided in future production.

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