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Five-axis linkage machining news product display

In recent years, the continuous improvement of processing technology has led to the continuous improvement of the performance and quality of many industrial products, and the processing requirements of parts and components in many industries have also been greatly improved.

The general CNC machine tool equipment has been unable to completely meet the processing needs of the industrial category, so many processing equipment manufacturers began to turn to the development and production of five-axis processing equipment. Next, let's introduce the current five-axis processing equipment in the ultra-high-end grade in the mainland. Reasons for being popular with users.

The reason why the five-axis processing equipment is popular with users is 1. The processing space for parts is larger. The parts required for many special equipments at present, most of them have irregular shapes. The high-precision features have brought great advantages to the general two-axis CNC processing equipment. problem.

The five-axis processing equipment uses more processing tools, which can process parts from different directions and there is no need to reverse the operation of the parts during the process. The variety of parts that can be processed is also more diverse. Parts processing space.

Second, the cost-effectiveness of the product is higher. Although the reasonable price of the five-axis processing equipment is much higher than the general CNC machine tool products, because the planning of this processing equipment is more messy, the difficulty of production is higher. About the manufacturer The cost of production has also increased accordingly.

Together, the five-axis processing equipment can process a wider variety of parts, and the processing accuracy and power are also higher. Therefore, from the perspective of cost performance, this five-axis processing equipment is more popular with users. Third, the equipment protection is less difficult. Traditional CNC machine tools often bring trouble to enterprises in terms of protection.

However, the powerful five-axis processing equipment uses five tools in different directions, and the wear and loss in actual processing are smaller than traditional CNC equipment. Together, this product does not require frequent processing of the workpiece orientation during processing. Change, so the chance of failure is also smaller,

From the perspective of protecting costs in the later period, it can save enterprises a lot of protection costs. The emergence of five-axis processing equipment has brought a better form of parts processing for enterprises, and also promoted the further development of modern industrial equipment. On the whole, the five-axis processing equipment not only has a larger processing space for parts, but also has a very high cost-effective product and relatively low equipment protection costs in the future.

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