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Five major causes of common problems in injection molded products

A good plastic part has to go through many processes from the beginning of injection molding to the end of manufacturing. If the plastic part is different from the predetermined production quality specification (inspection specification) after injection molding, it cannot satisfy the requirements of the next process. Need to rework from scratch, which means that plastic parts present problems in the injection molding process, which is also what we generally call quality problems.

1. The main problems of injection molding equipment

A. The feeding control system is abnormal;

B. The neck of the hopper is partially blocked and the feeding is not smooth;

C, the hopper feed is suspended, not in succession;

D, lack of plasticizing capacity, poor plasticizing quality;

E. Lack of participation in materials;

F. The injection cycle is abnormal.

2. The main problems of injection temperature

A, lack of mold temperature;

B, the nozzle temperature is too low;

C, the barrel temperature is too low;

D, the mold temperature control system is abnormal

E. The circuit system is abnormal, including: millivoltmeter, thermocouple, resistance heating coil and heating system.

3. The main problems of injection mold

A. Poor exhaust system;

B. The gate diameter is too small;

C, the nozzle standard is too small;

D. The number of gates is lacking;

E. The gate orientation setting is unreasonable;

F. The runner is too long or too small;

G, the capacity of the cold material cavity is too small and the quantity is lacking;

H. The mold is unreasonable and the injection cycle is abnormal.

4. Main problems of injection pressure

A. The injection speed is too low and the injection is too slow;

B, lack of injection time;

C, injection pressure is not enough;

D. The injection and pressure keeping time is not working;

E. Excessive pressure loss during injection

F, mold filling rate is unbalanced;

G, the melt flow in the cavity is suspended;

H. The injection pressure is abnormal.

5, the main problem of material

A. Poor liquidity of data;

B. Improper use of recycled materials;

C. The quality of the data itself is unqualified;

D. The physical property table does not correspond to the material;

E. The selection of materials presents problems.

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