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Does the gear accuracy also have grades?

Does the gear accuracy also have grades?

1. The gear precision is mainly to control the accuracy of the transmission between the gears during operation, such as: the stability of the transmission, the fluctuation of the instantaneous speed, if there is alternating reverse operation, whether the backlash of the tooth reaches the minimum, if The impact load should slightly improve the accuracy, thereby reducing the damage caused by the impact load to the gear.

2. If the above design requirements are relatively high, the gear precision should be set a little higher, otherwise the bottom can be set

3. However, if the gear precision is set too high, it will increase the processing cost and require a comprehensive balance

4. The above parameters basically belong to the more commonly used gears, and its accuracy can be set to: 7FL, or 7-6-6GM accuracy annotation explanation:

7FL: The accuracy of the three tolerance groups of the gears is also 7 grades, the upper deviation of the tooth thickness is F grade, and the lower deviation of the tooth thickness is L grade

7-6-6GM: the first group of gears has a tolerance of 7 grades, the second group of gears has a tolerance of 6 grades, the third group of gears has a 6 grade tolerances, and the upper deviation of tooth thickness is G , The lower deviation of tooth thickness is M level

5. There is no calculation formula for the accuracy of the gear, because no calculation is needed and it is obtained from the manual.

6. The determination of the accuracy level is the result of the comprehensive analysis of the engineer. The transmission requires precision, or high load, alternating load ... Just set the accuracy level higher

7. The accuracy grades are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, the smaller the value, the higher the accuracy

8. The (tooth thickness) deviation level is also the level given by the designer based on the specific working conditions. The precision transmission is higher, the general machinery is lower, the closed transmission is higher, and the open transmission is lower.

What effect does the tensioner and clutch release bearing have on the car

Tensioner is a wearing part of automobile and other spare parts. Tensioner is a belt tensioning device used in automobile transmission system. It is used to adjust the tightness of timing belt. It is generally changed together with timing belt. It is easy to be stretched after a long time. Some tensioners can automatically adjust the tension of the belt. In addition, with the tensioner, the belt runs more smoothly, the noise is lower, and it can prevent slipping.

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