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What is the difference between gears and sprockets?

What is the difference between gears and sprockets?

The main differences between gears and sprockets are:

1. The gear is involute tooth shape, and the sprocket is "three arc straight line" tooth shape.

2. The gear is driven by the gears of the two gears meshing with each other, and the transmission between the two sprockets is achieved by the chain.

3. Gears can realize transmission between parallel shafts and any interlaced shafts, while sprockets can only realize transmission between parallel shafts.

4. The torque transmitted by the gear is greater than that of the sprocket.

5. Gear machining accuracy and installation cost are higher than sprockets.

6. The gear transmission structure is compact, and the sprocket can realize long-distance transmission.

Working conditions of gears

With the rapid development of modern industry and the emergence of special, heavy, high-speed, and heavy-load equipment, the transmission conditions of gears are more stringent, especially in the automotive industry and aerospace industry. The reduction gears and transmission gears of other general industrial gear devices Working conditions are more relaxed. In short, under different operating conditions, the gear tooth surface meshing pressure, gear peripheral speed, and oil temperature during operation are quite different. The gear surface meshing bearing pressure is 0.8 ~ 4Gpa, gear peripheral speed It is 5 ~ 100m / s, and the oil temperature during operation is between 40 ~ 200 ℃.

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