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How does the hardware mold processing factory improve product quality

Some well-known metal mold processing factories pay great attention to the accuracy of the mold. If any errors occur during the processing, the quality of the mold will be greatly reduced, which is very unfavorable to the manufacturer, in addition to reducing production Quality, and it will waste a lot of manpower and material resources, so it is not worth it. Therefore, processing manufacturers will adopt some methods to reduce errors when processing molds.

First, the metal mold processing factory should reduce the original error when working to improve the machine tools used for mold processing, improve the accuracy of fixtures, measuring tools and tools, and control the deformation of the process system due to stress, thermal deformation, tool wear and internal stress , Measurement error, etc. are all directly reducing the original error. It is also necessary to analyze the original errors that caused processing errors, and take different measures to resolve the main original errors that cause processing errors according to different situations.

For the processing of molds, the geometric accuracy, stiffness and thermal deformation of the machine tools used should be improved as much as possible; for the processing of molds with forming surfaces, the main problem is how to reduce the forming tool shape error and tool installation error.

The error transfer method used by the metal mold processing plant is essentially transferring the geometric errors, force deformation and thermal deformation of the process system. For example, when the accuracy of the machine tool does not meet the requirements of mold processing, it is often not just to improve the accuracy of the machine tool, but to find a way from the process or fixture to create conditions to transfer the geometric error of the machine tool to the area that does not affect the machining accuracy.

The error compensation method is to artificially create a new error to offset the original error in the original process system. When the original error is negative, the artificial error takes a positive value, otherwise, take a negative value and try to make the two equal, or use one type of original error to offset the other type of original error, and try to make the two as large as possible. Equal, opposite directions, so the metal mold processing factory can achieve the purpose of reducing processing errors and improving processing accuracy.

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