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The importance of CNC machining in the manufacturing industry

The importance of CNC machining in the manufacturing industry

In the age of science and technology, all the products we need are processed by mechanical equipment, mechanical processing, fast speed, high efficiency, good quality, and reduce the processing pressure of employees. This is recognized by many processing manufacturers, such as the current CNC Processing requires professional staff and good technology. This can avoid more problems and handle the details better. This shows the importance of CNC processing technology!

Due to the numerical control of CNC machine tools in the process of mechanical mold manufacturing, most of the operations are replaced by manual operations by digital programming, so the errors in manual operations are relatively avoided. However, it does not mean that automation can completely replace manual operation. Due to the special nature of mechanical molds that do not repeatedly open molds, in order to ensure the accuracy of parts and product quality and avoid invalid inputs, the setting and editing procedures of instruction codes must be repeatedly confirmed by humans. Human activities are required to process some part structures before processing. In the process of applying CNC machine tools, it is effective to improve and improve the CNC mold manufacturing technology of mechanical molds. At the same time, combining manual and numerical control can greatly increase the value of products. Under the premise of designing the mold, it is necessary to use NC data technology for repeated mapping and calculation of drawings. It should also reasonably apply the new generation of closed-loop compensation technology to make the mechanical mold more accurate in the processing process.

Application of NC EDM technology: As the leading technology of mechanical mold manufacturing technology, NC EDM technology is mainly based on the positive and negative charge orientation of pulse power supply and tool electrodes and insulation pads. Cavity for machining. EDM technology includes forming, cutting, grinding and other aspects. As the leading technology of mechanical mold processing technology, the economic cost of EDM technology is relatively low, and the stability can be guaranteed. Today's EDM technology has reached the numerical control stage, allowing workers to obtain a relatively accurate degree of control over electrolytes and electrical parameters. The tool electrode shape and movement are controlled by numerical control, so various complex profiles can be processed by EDM technology.

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