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Industrial gears also have different sizes

Industrial gears also have different sizes

When industrial gears are engaged, there is contact stress at the contact of the tooth surface, and the maximum bending stress at the root of the tooth, which may cause strength failure of the tooth surface or tooth body. All points on the tooth surface are relatively sliding, which will cause wear. The main failure modes of industrial gears are tooth surface pitting, tooth surface gluing, tooth surface plastic deformation and gear tooth breakage. Therefore, industrial gear materials are required to have high bending fatigue strength and contact fatigue strength, the tooth surface must have sufficient hardness and wear resistance, and the core must have certain strength and toughness. For example, when determining the hardness of large and small industrial gears, care should be taken to make the tooth surface hardness of small industrial gears 30-50HBS higher than that of large industrial gears, because small industrial gears are loaded more times than large industrial gears, and Small industrial gears have thinner tooth roots and lower strength than large industrial gears.

Function and type of gear

Gear transmission is an important part of mechanical equipment, which has the functions of transmitting power and changing speed.

The type of gear: According to the mutual position of the gear transmission axis, it can be divided into three categories-parallel axis transmission, intersecting axis transmission and staggered axis transmission.

The gears driven by the parallel axis include spur gears, helical gears, and herringbone gears.

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