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The machinery industry has a broad market !

Lay a good foundation and focus on supporting the development of machinery automation technology. To develop and apply mechanical automation technology, it is necessary to solidly grasp the basic work of automation technology application projects and the promotion and application work from the reality. It is necessary to develop both mainframes and supporting development of automation components and control systems. Programmable controllers, microprocessors, various sensors, new tools, control systems and system software, electronic computers, etc. will be the main technical foundations of mechanical automation in the future. Research and production of a large number of electromechanical products with excellent performance and high automation level is the key to the development and application of mechanical automation technology. In automated production, the structure, quality (weight), volume, rigidity and resistance of the system have an important impact on modern machinery automation technology. Machinery technology should be updated with other high-tech to realize and adapt to the development of modern machinery automation technology ; In automated production, automatic control, automatic detection, and servo system operation of mechanical manufacturing systems are all indispensable to apply microelectronic technology and automatic control theory; in automated production, information exchange and processing, access, calculation, judgment, and decision-making It is indispensable to apply computer and information processing technology.

In short, the development of applied automation technology in China's machinery manufacturing industry must not only have a high starting point and aim at the world's advanced level, but also must include a variety of flexible, low-cost, fast-acting automation technologies, and adhere to the policy of combining improvement and popularization. Only by applying technology can we take the path of high speed, high quality and high efficiency.

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