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About the maintenance of metal stretch mold

In order to ensure its service life, manufacturers generally perform a series of maintenance on the metal stretch mold in use. So what about the maintenance of the metal stretch mold? Let's find out together.

The punch of the metal tensile mold is the part with the most maintenance, and the main failure is the break. Therefore, in order to ensure that the metal drawing mold has sufficient rigidity, the die and the discharge plate should be guided by four small guide posts fixed on the die fixing plate to ensure that the convex and concave molds have a uniform gap and a plurality of small protrusions. Die guide; the discharge screw on the discharge board uses a contour sleeve to ensure its stability during punching; all parts below the effective cutting edge of the die are hollowed out or vacuum suction is used to ensure the punching waste Eliminate unobstructed; In addition, the edge of the punch die of the metal stretching mold should be ground regularly to ensure sharpness. Secondly, when the metal stretching mold is not in use, it should be coated with rust-proof oil in a timely manner, but it should be noted that the next time the metal stretching mold is used, the oil should be cleaned first and tested with oil-absorbing paper. Be absorbed clean, otherwise, it will affect the quality of plating. When the metal stretching mold is moving, it should be light, stable, and slow to avoid impact and intense vibration. Storage must have a fixed location, the humidity of the air must be controlled, and dust or debris to be prevented from entering. It must be placed on a shelf, and it is strictly prohibited to directly place it on the concrete floor.

The simple maintenance summary of the hardware drawing mold is the above two aspects. The correct use and maintenance can not only ensure the life of the metal drawing mold, but also ensure the quality and quality of the final product. Therefore, it is still necessary. .

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