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Material selection for stamping and drawing dies is important

Stamping and drawing molds are very common in industrial production design. I believe everyone is familiar with them. In the process of color matching of stamping and drawing molds, first of all, we must clarify the application requirements of the product and choose according to the coloring properties of the material Colorant. The choice of materials is also crucial. Let's take a closer look.

In the selection of stamping die materials, mass production of workpieces should be considered. If the batch size is not large, you do not need to choose a stamping and drawing die material with a long service life. The stamping and drawing mold should also consider the material of the stamping workpiece, and the mold materials applicable to different materials are also different. For stamping and drawing dies, abrasion resistance is an important factor that determines the life of the die, and this is also an important part of consideration. The wear resistance of steel depends on the state of the hard phase, such as the hardness of the carbide and the matrix. The higher the hardness of both, the more carbides, and the better the abrasion resistance. The wear resistance of ordinary stamping and drawing die steel is not as good as that of carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, base steel, high carbon steel, chrome steel, high speed steel, cemented carbide steel, etc. Material selection for stamping and drawing dies must also consider factors such as workpiece thickness, shape, size, and accuracy requirements.

The selection of the material for the stamping and drawing die is unexpected, so much consideration is needed, and the suitable die material for different materials is also different.

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