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Gears are an important part of mechanical transmission

Gears are an important part of mechanical transmission

The gear is an important part of the mechanical transmission device, which mainly transmits torque and bears loads such as bending and impact. In order to ensure the life and running stability of the transmission system, the gear must have the following requirements:

1. Has a hard surface layer, able to resist wear during operation;

2. For gears that are subjected to alternating loads and impact loads, the base body must have sufficient bending strength and toughness to avoid deformation or fracture;

3. Need to have good manufacturability, both easy to cut and have good heat treatment performance. Gear manufacturing technology is the key to obtaining high quality gears. The gear processing technology can adopt different schemes due to the gear structure shape, accuracy level, and production conditions. It can be summarized into four stages: tooth blank processing, tooth shape processing, heat treatment, and finishing after heat treatment. Tooth blank machining must ensure the accuracy of the machining reference plane. Heat treatment directly determines the intrinsic quality of gear teeth. Tooth shape processing and finishing after heat treatment are the key to manufacturing, and also reflect the level of gear manufacturing.

Brief description of helical gears

Helical gear involute helical gear reducer, its volume is relatively small, and the weight is also light, the efficiency of use is high, it has a relatively high load capacity, the service life is relatively long, and the installation process is convenient. The power range of the configured motor is relatively wide, and the transmission ratio is a grading method. It is very delicate and can be widely used in deceleration equipment in various industries.

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