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Mold manufacturers teach you how to solve product strain

The mold manufacturer believes that in the actual production process, product stretching is very common, but the design cycle of stamping and stretching mold is very long, because the design theory and the actual test mold will have a large gap, and in the stretch mold The most prone to problems during the tryout phase are strains. So how does the mold manufacturer solve it?

The mold manufacturers will perform special surface treatment on materials that are relatively soft or have appearance requirements. The common method used by mold manufacturers is phosphating, plastic spraying or other special surface treatment. The ultimate goal is to form a non-metal protective film on the surface of the product to eliminate or reduce product strain. The mold manufacturer believes that this method works best, but the cost is high and equipment needs to be added. Not much used in the actual design process and production. The mold manufacturer believes that because the surface of the mold material has a higher cost, it can also be replaced by a plastic film. Covering the material with a film such as PVC can also properly solve the problem of strain. If it is a small piece or a small force, most mold manufacturers use lubricants or lubricants with EP additives to solve the problem of workpiece strain. If the first few methods do not fundamentally solve the problem, the most common method used by mold manufacturers is to directly change the convex and concave mold materials, hardness or surface hardening treatment, or titanium plating, polishing, etc. The nature of the contact surface between the product material and the male and female molds is changed to eliminate the problem of strain. In fact, this is the best and most cost-effective way for mold manufacturers to solve the problem of product strain.

The mold manufacturer's solutions to product strain are the above. You can find a suitable solution for rectification in the actual production needs. The correct solution can greatly improve the product quality, and it can also save costs and increase revenue for the enterprise. .

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