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Excellent time and preparation for custom injection molds

In a highly competitive business environment, intellectual property protection has reached a sacred and inviolable level; otherwise, no one would be willing to invest heavily in scientific research to innovate products, because to innovate products, investment in molds, that is, custom injection molds Before you need to customize the injection mold, you must make a product plan concept, make the product appearance design and product functional structure according to the plan concept, and draw a 3d structure drawing of the product, and try to print the 3d according to the 3d drawing. The set of prototypes can be further determined by customizing the injection mold after repeatedly verifying that there is no problem with the structure and appearance.

It usually takes 45 to 60 days to complete a set of custom injection molds, which saves two months, and one month to implement product assembly and function debugging. In this way, it is more perfect to make a product to the market to exhibit.

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