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What is the processing technology of the hardware processing industry?

The application of hardware equipment or hardware processing machine tools will not be lacking now. Now the machinery industry, or silicone, or the production of molds, steel, electronic products, and other products, is processed by machinery and equipment, with effects and efficiency. It is much faster, and it reduces the processing pressure of employees. Now the hardware processing manufacturers include a wide range, such as keys, or some metal plates, or etching, or other materials iron.

1. Spray paint: Spray paint is widely used in some relatively large hardware parts products. The presence of spray paint not only makes the product not easy to rust, but some spray paint can also produce other effects, making the product's performance more outstanding. It is a step that many hardware parts processing manufacturers perform when processing finished products.

2. Electroplating: Electroplating is a relatively common hardware processing technology, because the use of this process is very good for the antirust performance of the product surface, allowing the product to work normally and stably for a long time, and It is widely used in current hardware product processing.

3. Polishing: Polishing is used more in some daily necessities in the processing of hardware parts. Polishing is not only to maintain the appearance of the product, but also to make users feel better, especially some that are easy to balloon and burr. On the product, polishing is a necessary step. Now China's hardware industry is developing rapidly, and the continuous development of science and technology is also continuously promoting the improvement of hardware processing technology. It is believed that more processing technologies will be created in the future to bring convenience to human production.

First and foremost, positioning errors mainly include reference misregistration errors and positioning sub-production inaccurate errors. When machining a workpiece on a machine tool, several geometric elements on the workpiece must be selected as the positioning reference during processing. If the selected positioning reference does not coincide with the planning reference, a reference misalignment error will occur. Measurement error: When the part is measured during or after processing, the measurement method, the accuracy of the measuring tool, and the workpiece and subjective and objective factors directly affect the measurement accuracy. There are errors caused by fixtures and tools: mechanical fixture errors: The role of fixtures is to make the workpiece equivalent to the tool and the machine tool have the correct orientation, so the geometric errors of the fixture have a great impact on machining errors. Spindle rotation error refers to the variation of the actual rotation axis of the spindle relative to its uniform rotation axis at each instant of the spindle, and it will directly affect the accurate density of the workpiece. No tool can prevent wear during the cutting process, which will cause the size and shape of the workpiece to change.

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