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Quality assurance for mold manufacturers

The quality requirements of mold manufacturers for molds are extremely high. The manufacturing process is good or bad during the mold making process. Nowadays, batch quality problems still occur. The number of inspection positions on the production line has not decreased, and there is even an increasing trend. The development of the times, mold manufacturers will also follow the principles, let me talk about the quality assurance of mold manufacturers.

Mold manufacturers have three major principles in production, correct manufacturing process, qualified raw materials, perfect equipment, professionals, etc. This is essential in the production process, but the one that mold manufacturers think is the most important thing to ignore is manufacturing. Employees must have a quality awareness of the "Three Principles." First, mold manufacturers do not manufacture substandard products. The standardization consciousness of each employee and the standardized operation of each process are the keys to ensuring that the unqualified products are not manufactured. This is the focus of the "three noes" concept. The mold manufacturers believe that as long as each employee does not manufacture unqualified products, It can guarantee the implementation of "No outflow of nonconforming products" and "No acceptance of unqualified products". Second, the mold production plant does not deliver substandard products. Operators should be proficient in the various attributes of the product and its inspection methods, and perform self-inspection on the products it produces. The quality inspector will Products are fully inspected or sampled separately, and the mold manufacturer guarantees that non-conforming products will not be transported to the next process. Third, mold manufacturers do not accept substandard products. When the operator finds that the product delivered from the previous process is unqualified, he should immediately notify the front process and quality inspection staff. Please stop the previous process immediately to analyze the cause of the problem and start the work after the problem is completely resolved.

The three principles of mold manufacturers are commitments and guarantees to consumers. Consumers can rest assured to buy products. This is the reason that manufacturing companies must know, and it is also the correct measure and direction to protect the development of enterprises.

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