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Rapid development of 3D printing prototype technology

Rapid development of 3D printing prototype technology

At present, from the "high-precision" aerospace military industry to ordinary civilian manufacturing, 3D printing technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and the application range is constantly expanding. Especially in the field of industrial design, the incomparable molding advantage of 3D printed prototype technology, its potential is being tapped by designers.

After completing the product appearance and structural design, the designer needs to proof the product to observe the appearance of the product and verify the feasibility of the product. Before the introduction of 3D printing technology, designers generally used CNC machine tools to make prototype models, and with the rapid development of 3d technology, using 3D printing technology to make prototypes has also become popular.

The limitations of CNC hand production are becoming more obvious

It is understood that at present, the use of CNC numerical control processing technology can complete the processing of various curved parts, the accuracy and precision of its processing can be well guaranteed, and the production cost is very low. However, in the field of industrial design, the limitations of CNC machining technology have become increasingly apparent. Because the number of product prototypes is very small, after the completion of the design of each work, often only one or two prototype models are required. This is obviously economical for manufacturing such a small number of products for millions of CNC machines.

At the same time, CNC machine tools still belong to the category of subtractive manufacturing. When the complexity of model parts reaches a certain level, the technology also becomes more and more powerless.

The additive manufacturing technology represented by 3D printing technology is just the opposite. This technology can not only complete the construction of parts with complex internal structures and functions, but also the more complicated the internal structure of the parts, the faster the manufacturing speed and the more prominent cost advantages. The unique technical advantage makes its application prospect in the field of modern industrial design more and more optimistic for the industry!

Speeding up 3D printed prototype to empower industrial design

According to a 3D printing expert from Suga.com, the company's 3D printer equipment can be used in the field of industrial design for the production of prototype models. 3D printing is favored by users for its advantages such as large printing size, industrial-grade printing accuracy, and stable printing performance. The 3D printing expert told me that I only need to upload design drawings, quote in one minute, and ship within 24 hours.

In addition, since modern advanced CNC machine tools often require professional operators to be in charge of the operation, the product processing and manufacturing can be completed. The 3D printing operation process is much simpler, which also greatly reduces the application threshold of 3D printing technology in the field of industrial design!

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