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Rapid Prototyping - CNC Machining

The cnc machining center is mainly engaged in the processing of some precision spare parts, mainly used in auto and motorcycle accessories, lighting, automation robots, mechanical hardware, aerospace and military industries, electronic instruments, medical equipment, 3C digital, household appliances, communication mobile phones and other industries.

The materials processed by cnc machining centers are generally ABS, PC, PE, POM, PP, acrylic (PMMA), nylon, bakelite, silicone rubber, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, steel, copper, stainless steel, sheet metal Materials such as gold are common.

The order process of cnc machining center :

1. Order plan customization

2. Demolition programming

3. Preparation

4.CNC processing

5.QC detection

6. Surface treatment

7.QC quality inspection

8. Finished product shipment

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