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What are the factors related to the accuracy of four-axis parts processing?

In fact, in the hardware processing factory, many factors have a great relationship with the components, because they are closely related in the process of processing. If there is a problem, it is normal to directly affect the quality of the entire product, so a small detail problem must also be taken seriously. Let's take a look at what factors are related to the accuracy of four-axis parts processing.

The production of hardware manufacturers has something to do with machinery and equipment. With the help of machinery, our workload, effect, and speed will increase a lot. Although it is said to have the help of machinery and equipment, the quality requirements of the product are so high in the face of customers, and the accuracy of the four-axis parts processing is usually high.

When machining four-axis parts, digital program-controlled contour systems are widely used on milling machines, including phase systems with extensive process capabilities, simple and reliable, and low price. These systems are used by many hardware factories, especially to control large Parts processing of three-dimensional profile.

Correctly compiling the control program is one of the main conditions for guaranteeing the machining quality of four-axis parts. Because for the digital program control phase system, the preparation of the control program is performed by an automatic program preparation system, and its quality level depends largely on the price of the preparation control program.

If manual control equipment is used, processing errors will occur, and these errors include accidental errors and systematic errors of the process system. The system error plays a major role in all machining errors. For the overall machining of four-axis parts, it will cause a series of CNC process system errors.

For example, clearance, its consequences are like insensitive belts in machine tool drive chains, but not including back drive chain clearances; amplification factors for unstable drives; phase errors on the control program tape, and periodic steps of sensor feedback. Stability, its main form is phase instability.

Here I want to remind everyone: if a problem occurs during the processing of a four-axis part, we must first find the cause of the problem so that we can better solve the problem. Otherwise, finding the cause is not only making it more difficult to solve. If it only solves some superficial problems, the problem will definitely recur in a short time.

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