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Shaving and grinding of precision gears

Shaving and grinding of precision gears

For fine gear processing, which kind of fine gear processing is more popular among people between shaving and grinding? This must first distinguish one industry from another. For example, the vast majority of gears used in the automotive industry also rely on shaving, and some companies also grind the gears of the rear-end transmission. Just to eliminate any deformation that occurs on the ring cylindrical gear.

The aforementioned reduction in gear processing time is mainly due to the development of new gear cutters and modern gear machine tools and the resulting reduction in the finishing allowance and the improvement of the quality of the pre-grinding gear. In addition, compared with the gear grinding machine, Modern CNC gear shaving machines are often more cost-effective, and can obtain high-precision gear grades (up to DIN5-6 grades) before heat treatment; and compared with gear thread grinder grinding, the processing cycle is also shorter.

For gears in the automotive industry, especially those used in automatic transmissions, we can control the deformation caused by heat treatment after shaving to a few microns; in addition, correction of tooth shape and tooth direction helps to compensate for deformation. Due to the emergence of modern razor blade sharpeners, two parameters such as tooth shape and tooth direction can be quickly and easily repaired; during mass production, the shaving process has many advantages over grinding. In comparison, shaving can guarantee Quality and price are reasonable.

Razors manufactured in recent years have not shown signs of a slow increase in production. At the same time, the number of gear grinding machine production is also rising. The rapid development of gear processing technology, the operation of gear machine tools are efficient and fast, and the gear grinding wheel has also developed rapidly. This is mainly manifested in ceramic abrasive tools, CBN grinding wheels, electroplated grinding wheels, etc. The above-mentioned grinding tools are used for gear grinding, which shortens the processing cycle.

As the processing cycle is gradually reduced, the cost of gear grinding is also greatly reduced. It should be pointed out that some industries have high requirements for the quality of gears, and some industries need to achieve special tooth shapes, so they must be completed by grinding. For example, the heavy truck industry, aeronautical engineering, and the reducer industry for power generation and transformation all rely on grinding for precision gear processing. In these high-power industries, gear grinding is already at an absolute advantage.

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