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Sheet metal-material requirements

Sheet metal processing is used in automobile manufacturing and maintenance. The shape of many sheet metal structural parts is very complicated. In order to prevent the difficulty of sheet metal, sheet metal materials must have good process performance requirements:

1 The materials in sheet metal processing must have good plasticity. We must have the ability to produce eternal deformation under the action of external forces without being destroyed. In terms of cold-worked parts, it must have good cold plasticity, such as stamping parts of automobile parts; in terms of hot-worked parts, it must have good thermoplasticity, such as hot-forged spring steel plates and hot rivets.

2 Good weldability for sheet metal processing. Many automotive sheet metal parts are welded together by spot welding, oxygen welding, arc welding, or gas maintenance welding, etc., so requesting sheet metal parts must have good welding performance. This point is particularly important in automotive repair and repair. Good weldability data has high welding strength and low cracking tendency.

3 Sheet metal processing is cheap and economical. With regard to any component of the car, economic conditions must be considered when the working conditions are met. Ferrous metals can be used without ferrous metals; precious metals can be used without ferrous metals. The life of automobile sheet metal components should be consistent with the life of other automobile components.

4 Good chemical stability for sheet metal processing. Most of the car cover parts work in the open air environment, often in contact with water and steam, especially like a muffler, often work at higher temperatures and corrosive gases. This requires that sheet metal parts must have good chemical stability. It not only requires corrosion resistance at room temperature to prevent rust, but also requires no corrosion or deformation under high temperature or sun exposure.

5 Dimensional precision and intrinsic quality of sheet metal processed well. The dimensional accuracy and inherent quality of sheet metal have an impact on sheet metal processing. The impact is great, especially the impact on molded parts is greater.

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