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How to Solve the Vibration of the Product During Injection Processing

Due to the different materials of each product, it is often the case that defective products may occur during the injection molding process. For example, vibration marks often appear on rigid plastic products. What is the reason?

Causes of Product Ripples in Injection Molding

On the surface near the gate of rigid plastic parts such as PS, dense corrugations are formed around the gate, which is sometimes referred to as vibration marks. The reason is that when the melt viscosity is too large and the mold is filled in the form of stagnation, the front-end material will condense and shrink as soon as it contacts the surface of the cavity, and the subsequent melt expands and the contracted cold material continues to advance Constant alternation makes the surface of the material flow pulsation in progress.

The solution to the occurrence of chatter marks in the injection molding process:

(1) Raise the barrel temperature, especially the nozzle temperature, and increase the mold temperature.

(2) Increase the injection pressure and speed so that it can quickly fill the model cavity.

(3) Improve the dimensions of runners and gates to prevent excessive resistance.

(4) The mold exhaust should be good, and a large enough cold well should be set up.

(5) The part should not be designed too thin.

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