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Techniques for 5-axis simultaneous machining of auto parts

Auto parts are complex in structure and have high requirements for accuracy. There are even many assembly positions, so we choose good materials to process first. Because auto parts will be used for a long time after production, we must ensure that the quality of the product is not a problem. of. The machining of auto parts on a five-axis machine bed is the most time-saving and convenient, because there are more machining surfaces and precision involved in processing. In order to improve efficiency and save costs, and to ensure that product accuracy is suitable for machining on five-axis machine tools, we first choose to Reasonable clamping method ensures stability during processing.

Because auto parts are relatively complicated, processing on a five-axis linkage machine tool. First of all, we can reduce the number of production of fashion clips and save the processing time in production. In this regard, we also improve the processing efficiency. Two aspects that need to be paid attention to during processing are: It is the appearance. The second is the quality. If the appearance is controlled, we can choose a better tool to process. Pay more attention to the details when processing. The blade of the polishing knife must be set to the speed of the machine. The feed speed must be set to ensure the appearance of the processed product. ok, then when machining tolerance tolerances or assembly positions, first make sure that the tool swings without problems, preferably within 0.01, and then carefully check the added cutter compensation value when machining tolerances. Do not enter the wrong value when measuring. The hole is measured with a plug gauge. If the hole is slightly larger, you can choose a micrometer or an accurate caliper to measure. Before measuring, you must use a ring gauge to check whether the measuring tool is correct. As long as the appearance and tolerance range are guaranteed, other complex structures can be processed using the advantages of five-axis machine tools. The most important thing is that the tolerance cannot be problematic. Because auto parts involve assembly and good use, the machining accuracy tolerance must be guaranteed to problem. Kesu Hardware has a professional technical team and advanced equipment in the industry. It has professional and fast solutions for large aluminum alloy cavities and large precision aluminum alloy parts. The company has four five-axis machines and several large four-axis machines. Welcome to exchange technology Or business cooperation!

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