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May 18, 2021

AIXI Hardware Factory Tour - Rapid Prototype & Low-Volume Manufacturing

AIXI Hardware Factory Tour - Rapid Prototype & Low-Volume ManufacturingCNC high precision milling machining3 parts perfect assemblyInspection again after surface finishing- ensure size is correct after ...
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Oct 6, 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing prototypes and CNC prototypes ?

CNC: High precision, low cost compared to large-sized products. The processing cycle is short, and complex and hollow parts cannot be processed. 3D printing: some small parts are produced in batches with high speed and low cost, and can print complex ...
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Jun 22, 2020

Matters needing attention in Shenzhen hardware processing

1. Need to have accurate design drawingsFine metal processing is the processing of some hardware components with small diameters, so the design drawings of this product must be accurate, and the parts are thousands of miles away. If the drawings are ...
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Jun 19, 2020

The machinery industry has a broad market !

Lay a good foundation and focus on supporting the development of machinery automation technology. To develop and apply mechanical automation technology, it is necessary to solidly grasp the basic work of automation technology application projects and ...
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Jun 3, 2020

Why aluminum alloy cnc processing quotes are so different

Different aluminum alloy cnc processing manufacturers have their own advantages. Small factories are suitable for proofing, and large factories are suitable for large quantities. We need to find a suitable CNC processing plant according to our own ne ...
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Jun 2, 2020

What determines the accuracy of CNC machining ?

The proper use of methods and techniques in the preparation of CNC machining programs is of great significance for ensuring and improving the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. So what determines the accuracy of CNC machining? In the long-term ...
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Jun 1, 2020

The working principle of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tool is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process programs with control codes or other symbolic instruction rules and decode them, so that the machine tool acts as a CNC ben ...
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May 13, 2020

Four schemes for effectively improving the cnc processing of aluminum casing

In the 21st century, it is an era of rapid development. The most representative is the development of mobile phones and computers to speed up the dissemination of information. It is precisely because the requirements for the processing of aluminum ca ...
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May 6, 2020

What are the factors that affect the efficiency of CNC machining

A type of precision mechanical processing equipment often used in CNC machining centers. In actual use, there will be some factors that affect its processing efficiency. What are the specifics? The author will elaborate on the factors that affect the ...
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May 4, 2020

Three characteristics of aluminum alloy CNC machining

Since the people's living standards have improved, the precision of aluminum handicrafts has become more and more strict, thereby improving the aluminum alloy cnc processing technology. Aluminum alloy cnc processing is a part processing technolog ...
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