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Headphone PA12 plastic bracket injections molding

For this headphone bracket , we make them by 3d printing still now 2019 years , because there's more and more demand now , so we must to do by injections , this is good idea to reduce this cost . but these have some questions during deisgn Tool.

Questions :

1 because this UNDERCUT problem , we cant take out of this mold , so we need to change this angle to the outside .

Like below picture :

2 for this fit parts , also must use this undercut , so for this all assembly . this is no change . then we must talk with our team again . 

3 Finally , we must to keep this undertake ,but only change a little angle , we find this is ok , but now , have a new questions , becasue we change this design like below pictures , this is ok for headphone , but our customer need to assembly by tooling , this tooling now cant assembly because more than 0.2 mm to the outside , so need to talk again .

4 We have a common result after talked one week , whole parts's outside reduce 0.2mm to fit this tooling , so this is ok now . very happy .

5:Now , we are doing this molding - Dec 25th 2019 .