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Analysis of 3D printed prototype technology

At present, 3D printed prototypes have already brought a huge impact to the prototype industry. Those parts that were once expensive and took weeks to design can now be designed in the morning, printed at night, and delivered the next day.1. For conv ...
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What aspects of 3D printing need attention?

3D printing was born in the mid-1990s and has been developing for almost 30 years.3D printer, also known as three-dimensional printer (3DP), is a kind of cumulative manufacturing technology, that is, a machine of rapid prototyping technology. It is a ...
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What is the relationship between 3d printing and complex molds?

What is a complex mold?We are often asked by customers what is the complex mold, and what is the process of complex mold? Let's first literally understand what exactly is a complex mold? Literally, duplication is copying, and mold is the mold of ...
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3D printed model made of metal

The technology of direct printing of metal materials, materials and machines is much more difficult than printing of plastics. At least it is rarely seen in commercial printing at present. It is a laser sintering technology. A layer of metal powder i ...
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The global 3D printing materials industry is in the early stages of growth

3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. It is a technology based on digital model files that uses powder-like metals or plastics and other adhesive materials to print objects layer by layer. 3D printing is usually achieved using digita ...
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How is the price of 3D printed prototypes calculated?

Starting priceThe starting price is also called the startup fee. The starting price of the 3D printing prototype is the same as the starting price of other products. Because printing involves some fixed costs (machine loss, electricity, labor, etc.), ...
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Rapid development of 3D printing prototype technology

Rapid development of 3D printing prototype technologyAt present, from the "high-precision" aerospace military industry to ordinary civilian manufacturing, 3D printing technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and the application ran ...
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Industrialization of 3D printing prototype technology

The industrialization of 3D printing prototype technology is firstly marketization, and the core of marketization is application. Any technology must be widely used in production and life before this technology can be more mature and perfect. The 3D ...
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Principles of 3D printed model processing

What is 3D printing technology?3D printing, a type of rapid prototyping technology, based on digital model files, using powdered metal or plastic, etc.A technology that can bond materials and build objects by printing layer by layer.The 3D printer co ...
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Advantages of 3D printing rapid prototyping technology

What is 3D printing rapid prototyping technologyWhat is 3d printing technology? To be precise, 3d printing is a kind of printing material with adhesives such as metal or plastic, based on digital modelsA technique for layer-by-layer printing. It is a ...
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