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Advantages and disadvantages of precision CNC machining

The more commonly called precision CNC machining is computer gong machining, or CNC machine tool machining. It is a widely used processing method in the hardware industry. Our national precision CNC industry is mainly distributed in the Pearl River D ...
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Causes of common problems in precision CNC machining and improvement methods

The cause of the problem:1. Inaccurate during manual operation by the operator2. There are burrs around the mold3. The center rod is magnetic4. The four sides of the mold are not verticalImprove methods:1. Manual operation must be carefully checked r ...
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Features of precision CNC machining Aixi

Precision CNC machined parts are a popular processing method nowadays. Depending on the high precision, the machining accuracy of the parts can be improved during processing, and the surface processing quality can also be improved. After processing, ...
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What should pay attention to CNC lathe machining?

The processing technology of CNC lathes is similar to that of ordinary lathes, but since CNC is a kind of clamping and continuous automatic processing completes all turning processes, the following aspects should be noted.1. Reasonable selection of c ...
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Five methods for processing and cleaning non-standard hardware parts

The processing of non-standard hardware parts needs to be cleaned before leaving the factory or during assembly and use, and after assembly. Cleaning after trial operation as required can better produce with high precision. The cleanliness of process ...
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How to improve the finish of stainless steel parts?

There are many influencing factors to improve the finish of stainless steel parts during the processing of stainless steel parts, including lathes, materials and tools. General machine tools can reach Ra1.6, precision high-speed machine tools for alu ...
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Introduction of several thread processing methods commonly used in CNC machining centers

Thread processing is one of the important applications of CNC machining centers. The quality and efficiency of thread processing directly affect the quality of parts and the production efficiency of the machining center.With the improvement of the pe ...
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What are the advantages of CNC turning and milling machining?

CNC turning and milling composite machining is actually simply a variety of processing technologies on a CNC machine tool to achieve multi-task in one clamping and improve machining accuracy. For example, turning, milling, grinding, stamping, and oth ...
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CNC turning and milling complex machining programming is difficult

A CNC turn-milling complex machining of a new part requires multiple programming actions, such as: CNC turning, multi-axis milling, 3 + 2 positioning machining, drilling and other machining programming. It is more difficult in actual operation. There ...
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What kind of material for precision parts processing

The material for precision parts processing is made of special materials. It is not possible to process parts with high hardness, otherwise the machine parts will be broken. Therefore, we must know that not all materials are suitable for precision ma ...
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