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Effect of injection molding thickness on shrinkage change

The processing of injection molds is a very complex and dynamic processing process. Each factor of the molding process has an important impact on the molding quality of the product, and molding shrinkage is one of the key factors affecting the qualit ...
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Five major causes of common problems in injection molded products

A good plastic part has to go through many processes from the beginning of injection molding to the end of manufacturing. If the plastic part is different from the predetermined production quality specification (inspection specification) after inject ...
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Significance of injection mold processing and technical accuracy

Injection mold processing is to first add plastic to the mold, and then the mold is continuously rotated and heated along two vertical axes. Under the action of gravity and thermal energy, the plastic in the mold is gradually and uniformly coated and ...
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Temperature control of injection molding process and each process

1. Mold temperatureSome plastic materials require high mold temperature due to high crystallization temperature and slow crystallization speed. Some plastic materials require higher or lower temperature due to the size and deformation control or the ...
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The main factors affecting the density of injection plastic parts (injection part processing)

The main factors that affect the density of injection molded plastic parts (processing of injection molded parts) are the following:1. The most essential thing is that plastic materials and injection molds must be made exquisitely.2. When planning in ...
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What are the factors that affect the precision mold processing structure

1. Cavity layout. According to the geometrical characteristics of plastic parts, dimensional accuracy requirements, batch size, mold manufacturing ease, mold cost, etc., determine the number of cavities and their arrangement.2. Determine the parting ...
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What are the consequences of excessive polishing of plastic mold processing surfaces?

As we all know, plastic mold is an indispensable supporting product in the plastic processing industry. It, together with plastic molding machines, gives plastic products a complete structure and precise purity. Due to the variety of plastics and pro ...
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How plastic molds prevent damage during injection molding

1. Good casting structure designThe wall thickness of the casting should be as uniform as possible to avoid the occurrence of thermal knots to reduce the thermal fatigue caused by the local heat concentration of the mold. There should be appropriate ...
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Several important processes of plastic mold heat treatment

In the mold manufacturing process of the plastic mold factory, there is a process that is inevitable, that is, heat treatment. Heat treatment is to improve the precision of the mold, which can further improve the quality and life of the workpiece.1. ...
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Solutions to bad flow marks in plastic mold forming

A variety of problems can occur during the mold manufacturing process. Today, we will discuss the mold mold failure and the countermeasures for the flow defect of the plastic mold. Flow marks are traces of molten resin remaining on the surface of the ...
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