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What is the difference between a casting mold and a plastic part mold?

Two are different concepts,Casting refers to the manufacture of molds, including pouring, cooling, grinding and forging;Plastic molds are one of the types of plastic product molding, as well as blow molding (the plastic bag you use), extrusion moldin ...
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Analysis of how the foundry mold factory can improve precision

How can the foundry mold factory improve precision?During the design process, the staff must fully consider the feasibility of grinding, grinding and polishing the cavity parts. This is because, during processing, although its processing accuracy was ...
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Continuous improvement of casting molds how to prevent streaks

The products of precision casting mold equipment have strong competitiveness in the sales market. According to the application performance of the products, deep improvement has been achieved. Sodium silicate precision castings should be applied at th ...
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Introduction to the basic principle of heat treatment of cast aluminum alloy

Basic principle of heat treatment of cast aluminum alloy(1) Annealing: After heating the aluminum alloy gravity casting product to a certain temperature and holding it for a certain time, it is cooled to room temperature at a certain cooling rate. Th ...
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What should we focus on when producing aluminum castings?

There are many foundry industries in the industry, but different foundry industries have their own different casting methods. We are a manufacturer of aluminum castings. The production of aluminum casting is used in many new energy vehicles . After a ...
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Causes and precautions of insufficient pouring during aluminum casting

In the process of aluminum casting, insufficient casting mostly occurs in the case of manufacturing complex thin-walled parts. There are many reasons for this. For example, the aluminum casting temperature is too low, the casting is too slow, and the ...
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Aluminum alloy castings must contain sufficient amounts of eutectic elements

Aluminum alloy casting has the same alloy system as the deformed aluminum alloy, and has the same strengthening mechanism as the deformed aluminum alloy (except for strain strengthening). Their main difference is that the maximum content of the alloy ...
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Requirements for pinholes in aluminum alloy casting molds

During the manufacturing process of aluminum alloy casting molds, there will be a serious tendency of inhalation and oxidation. The product will directly contact the furnace gas and the outside atmosphere during the melting process. If the aluminum a ...
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Microstructure continuity and casting stress of aluminum alloy casting

The casting crack of aluminum alloy casting is a kind of defect that is more harmful when it is in operation. It destroys the continuity of the metal structure and cannot be pressed during the subsequent extrusion or calendering process, so there is ...
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Causes and Solutions of Porosity in Aluminum Alloy Castings

In the production process of aluminum alloy castings, porosity defects often occur due to improper operation or unskilled technology. Once pores appear, castings are often scrapped due to quality problems, increasing production costs. However, there ...
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