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At Aixi, making our customer’s designs a high-quality product is the goal we have been pursuing and will never change.


The composition of the caliper:Gages are instruments used for measurement and inspection. Length measuring gages are one of its main categories, such as calipers, depth gauges, height gauges, micrometers, dial gauges, dial gauges, gauge blocks, step ...
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Advantages of CMM measuring machine inspection

1. The probe can move in space along the three axes of X, Y, and Z, and they are set with rectangular or polar coordinates.2. All five sides of the workpiece cube can be measured. There is no need to change the position of the workpiece. If a suitabl ...
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Coordinate Measuring Machine

A coordinate measuring instrument refers to an instrument capable of expressing measurement capabilities such as geometric shapes, lengths, and circumferential divisions within the space of a hexahedron. It is also called a coordinate measuring machi ...
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