Rapid Prototyping | Low Volume Manufacturing

At Aixi, making our customer’s designs a high-quality product is the goal we have been pursuing and will never change.

Rapid Prototyping - 3D Printing

3D printing (3DP) is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. It is a technology based on digital model files, using powder-like metal or plastic and other adhesive materials to construct objects by printing layer by layer. 3D printing technology, whi ...
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Rapid Prototyping - Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is a metal processing process, sometimes also called pull metal. The product formed by sheet metal processing processes such as bending, welding, stamping, cutting and other metal materials is called sheet metal.Classification of sheet me ...
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Rapid Prototyping - CNC Machining

The cnc machining center is mainly engaged in the processing of some precision spare parts, mainly used in auto and motorcycle accessories, lighting, automation robots, mechanical hardware, aerospace and military industries, electronic instruments, m ...
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Rapid Prototyping (CNC machining, 3dprinting, vacuum casting, sheet metal)

What Is Rapid Prototyping?Rapid prototyping is use specialized techniques to get model , AIXI Hardware is a specialist in CNC (turning and milling) machining, vacuum casting & silicone casting, rapid tooling and sheet metal fabrication ,we have l ...
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